One-of-a-kind private girls college for your daughter

Girl children’s education is inevitable for any family or country. Are you a parent of a girl child? If yes, are you looking for an excellent school in your city Hertfordshire? If yes, you are so lucky to have St. Francis’ school for your daughter. Why it is so? This school is aimed at improving the quality of education and behavior of students through a modern approach. It does not only concentrates on the academics of the student but all other extracurricular activities to the core. You can see a large difference in your daughters’ education after some days of joining. Your daughters’ overall health is improved beyond the limit. Do not hesitate to contact the officials of the college? Start acting now itself for your kids’ bright future

What Can I expect from this school for my daughter?

Your daughter gets one of a kind school education from St. Francis College. This school is functioning for many years with a top-notch career record. The academic records of the school are eye-catching and useful to your knowledge. Moreover, the school admits only girl child from age 3 to 18 with boarding facilities. The day and boarding school is dedicated and committed to serving the public with the help of top-quality professionals. The teachers are well experienced, well versed, and top of the line. The overall satisfaction about the school is good among the public too. Considering these features, you can seek admission to the college for your daughter without a second thought.

Major highlights of St. Francis’ college

  • Unique education pattern with traditional values is followed
  • An innovative training pattern is adopted by the officials of the college
  • The students are widely given opportunities to learn new concepts, liberty to express their views and suggestions, interactive class sessions, quality teaching techniques, brilliant assessments, and above all state-of-the-art classroom sizes
  • The teachers can handle a minimum number of students per class for easy teaching and training. They are able to supervise each student in the class and hence one on one sessions are inducted.
  • Classic teaching methods are employed by the college management on par with world standards.
  • Exclusive entrance examination preparation is also rendered to the students. Special coaching sessions are conducted by the school authorities to serve the children.

What about boarding facilities given by the college management? How do you rate it?

The boarding facilities are given from year six onwards by the school authority. Different accommodation facilities are offered by the management such as single rooms and shared rooms to the students. Also, students from different countries are allowed to stay with the local students. An integrative approach is set so that the students can mingle with others so easy to learn different things.

Moral values and social responsibilities are taught to the children when they stay. The overall growth of your kid is amazing when we estimate the school. Also, they arrange alumni meetings for your kid to know about the past children’s suggestions, feedback, and experience.