Pads for Men’s Underwear

Incontinence can be a total discomfort when you let yourself get out there unprepared. Whereas urinating or defecating can be uncontrollable, there are things that you can do to keep the mess in and prevent it from causing you embarrassment. Incontinence is a curable condition. But while you still have it, it is a good idea to use products that will help you manage incontinence.
The urine can leak out and wet your pants. Worse, it can also wet that thing you are sitting on. Poo can also come out at the wrong time and stain your underwear. Wearing pads can help you keep your underwear clean and dry. No, it does not have to feel like wearing a nappy like a baby. Pads come in different shape and sizes to suit your specific need.
Small shaped pads, for example, are for people with mild incontinence. They are much smaller than the standard adult pads, and are helpful at absorbing small amounts of urine and or faecal stains. It comes with an adhesive, so it stays in place in your underwear even as you move.
There are also pads that you can use for dealing with mild to moderate incontinence. This type of pads can hold up to 600 ml or about 1 pint of urine, and keep it intact with its rustle-free waterproof backing. Especially designed for men’s underware, these pads will make sure that the wetness stays inside your boxer or brief.
If you experience a leak whey you cough, sneeze or move sharply, a classic rectangular pad with backing is what you need. The pad is designed for men with moderate incontinence; it can hold up to 400 ml of urine. The best thing about this pad is its ability to neutralize odour. With this pad, you do not have to worry about keeping it there until your get your chance to freshen up and change.