Sixth Form Colleges in England

Are there any particular advantages to sending a child to sixth form colleges in England? As your son or daughter grows older you want to ensure that they get the kind of grades that can get them into the best university and you have heard that the best place for this is England. It is true – the country has the best boarding schools in the world and children who attend them get certain advantages that others don’t.
That is not to say that every boarding school in England is good. You have to choose carefully because while some advertise that they are great they are really not. You want to get your child into a school that has great academic performance. There are websites where the performance of each private school is listed and you can see how they have performed in the last few years.
You should also look into whether the school has an international population. Some of the best schools in England tend to be populated with locals and enrolling your child in one of them can prove very lonely and isolating. The best environment for your son or daughter is one where they can interact with students from other countries. You can look online to find out what the student population of the school you have in mind is like.
The other thing you should be careful about is living quarters. You want your child to be comfortable since they will be far away from home. It helps if you can travel to the school yourself and see where they will be living.
We recommend that one of the schools that you get in touch with be the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. It does very well every year and has students from many different countries. You can get in touch with them on