Adult Nappies and Disabilities at Different Ages

It’s common today for people to need adult nappies. Many people have disabilities related to their bowels. Some of these disabilities, such as IBS, seem to have become more prevalent in recent years. Experts disagree about exactly why this happened, but it is clear that a lot of people are going to need help with their bowel movements. Many people associate adult nappies with the elderly, but this is not a guarantee.

There are plenty of younger people who are in need of adult nappies. Diseases like IBS are actually common in young women, for instance. Some people will develop disorders like this as a result of surgical problems. Incontinence itself is rare in the young and the middle-aged, but it still isn’t impossible. A lot of people have bladder and bowel issues that will get progressively worse with time, and they will always know that adult nappies could be in their future.

There is more awareness related to all disabilities today, particularly in countries like the United Kingdom. With the Internet, it’s getting easier to hear the perspectives of people who were not represented in the media years ago. This is making things easier for the people who already have disabilities.

Some people will draw a distinction between the elderly and people who have disabilities. However, this is a fairly false dichotomy. Disabilities will become more common as people get older, and this is important to note. However, this doesn’t mean that disabilities are an inevitable part of aging or that they should be treated as strange when they occur in younger people. A lot of individuals today will have to prepare for the possibility that they will be disabled at some point during their lives. People should acknowledge the fact that adult nappies are widely used and widely available now.