Commercial Joinery Specialists

Joinery is connecting two or more pieces of wood. Joinery is used to interconnect parts of furniture, doors, shelves, windows, wooden staircases, wardrobes and cabinets.  There are various techniques used to ensure that the joint is strong, sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Nails, glue, screws are among the materials that can be used to secure a joint. On a commercial level, expert joiners are needed to manufacture and install joineries to maintain quality and durability.

Superior workmanship is an essential requirement in commercial joinery. The joiners should have sufficient expertise and experience to be able to provide excellent services to clients. For large-scale commercial projects, we have enough manpower to carry out the joinery within a short period without exceeding the budget. We also employ appropriate technology and resources to deliver quality. State of the art equipment enables us to be efficient and save time.


We are commercial joinery specialists. We have an unmatched customer care and will handle all your requests and queries professionally. We combine customer’s needs and skill to deliver beyond what the customer envisioned.  While working on your premise, we minimize the disruption we cause. We also clean up after ourselves leaving your home or office tidy. Our team leader will keep you updated on every stage of the project, and communicate any challenges or delays. Working with reputable suppliers and manufacturers ensures that we use only the best materials. We are reliable and deliver quality consistently as demonstrated by our long list of clients.

Custom Joineries

We provide our clients with bespoke joinery depending on the size and nature of the project. We take into consideration the function and budget to develop quality and durable joints for our customer. We pay considerable attention to every detail ensuring a flawless quality joint.  Our highly skilled staff ensure your needs are met. We price our services and products reasonably, giving you great value for your money.