Boarding Schools

The decision to take your child to boarding school has been made, a position is reserved and the only thing that is left is to prepare them for the big day – what should you be doing? Taking your child to boarding school for the first time is a major decision and how you prepare for it will have an effect on how well they are able to settle in. The better prepared they are, the easier it will be to get into the swing of things.
It is very important to make sure that your child is involved in the decision to take them to boarding school. They should take part in the process to choose the school and they should be present when you pay the school a visit. If they have any reservations you should discuss them – it can be worrisome to move away from home, but if your child feels loved and supported they will try harder to fit in.
You should talk about what they can expect at boarding school. If you don’t have any experience yourself you can find a close and trusted adult such as an aunt or uncle who can walk them through the basics of life in boarding school. Make sure that your child has all that they need – buy them several pieces of uniform, a couple of pairs of shoes, toiletries, all the necessary books, sports gear and anything else that may be required. All their items should be labelled and let your child understand that they are accountable in case of loss. Let them also know that if they need anything all they need to do is call and you will do your best to get it to them.
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