Holidays Norfolk Coast

You are keen on taking your family on holiday on the Norfolk coast this year but are wondering where you should go and what kind of accommodation you should looking for. The coast around Norfolk has some favourite spots and they can be rather crowded especially in the summer months. Is it possible to get a different kind of holiday? As a matter of fact it is. There are excellent cottages that are available for families on holiday with access to beaches and many tourist attractions which gives you plenty to do.
What kind of holiday would you have staying in a cottage?
According to many who have stayed in some of these places – the best. The cottages are furnished to world class standards – many of them are reclaimed and have been around for hundreds of years but they still retain some of their original features giving them a truly authentic English feel. Here is what else these cottages have to offer:
•    You will have lots of privacy. Unlike most other holiday locations these cottages are secluded – you will have lots of room to yourself to do whatever you like. They are designed in such a way that even the residents of the cottage next to yours will not see you.
•    There is plenty to do in the Norfolk countryside. If you are truly after some time on the beach you will have lots of it within walking distance. Once you have had enough of that you can go exploring in the countryside or visit some of the many tourist spots that are within driving distance.
•    Cottage holidays in Norfolk are great for families – if you book one with several bedrooms you can bring everyone along.
Try Wheatacre Barns – it has one of the best cottages along the Norfolk coast and it is affordable especially off-season. Find out more on their website,