Traditional Sash Windows

You are wondering whether it is time to ditch your Victorian sash windows for something more modern – with so many new options in the market maybe it is time to update your property’s look. The fact is traditional sash windows will never go out of fashion – in that sense they are like the little black dress. You can make your traditional sash windows work if you take proper care of them; if you are looking for a different look you can have them modified with a few simple steps. The secret is to find a sash window expert who does this kind of work.
Traditional sash window care isn’t very hard – it is partly why these windows have been around for hundreds of years. The most important thing is to make sure that they don’t develop rot. At least once a year, especially after winter you should check each frame to make sure that it is solid. If rot sets in even in a small spot it will spread and before long your sash window will have to come down. To find out if there is any rot in your windows all you need to do is press your fingers against the frames – if you find any soft spots they need to be got rid of and the space replaced with epoxy and painted over. Make sure that your windows have a sufficient coat of paint at all times as it keeps out moisture and keeps them from rotting.
As for giving your home a new look there is plenty that you can do with traditional sash windows to give your home a facelift. Websites like Instagram and others have plenty of ideas that you can implement. There are also home improvement magazines available online that you can borrow from.
Alternatively, call Salmons Bros. Limited – they are experts at updating traditional sash windows.