Avoid Distractions in a Salami Making Class

When you are in a salami making class, better avoid getting distracted or you may not be able to learn that way. After all, you should be concentrated all the way until you get your certificate that proves you did finish the class in the amount of time that was expected from you. It would be better to turn off your mobile phones or just put it into silent so that nobody would call you at a time like this. We all know how the instructor probably won’t repeat her instructions and cooking is all about experimenting with ingredients. One small step and you may have made a mistake regarding what you are supposed to do. There are plenty of aspiring chefs so enroll in Sapori’s cooking classes now and become the next big thing in the culinary industry. Who knows? You may even work in a boat and enjoy the fancy life because I hear it pays a lot when you work in the middle of the sea while serving food to those high end people who don’t know where to spend their money. It is all in the name of love and you are in the midst of a big decision to make starting with this salami making class where you would want to take advantage of the opportunity right in front of you.

One thing that will surely distract you while in salami making class is how delicious it is. You will feel pretty excited about being able to finish it at one point. The truth is everyone will have his or her time when it comes to eating it and you just need to be patient with all the needed results with this one and you will want a lot of love to go along with it. Of course, when you have a beautiful classmate, that can be a distraction that would be too hard to handle. As a result, this would become a big pain in the you know where when you can’t stop looking at her and you accidentally cut yourself. When you bleed, your crush will laugh at you and you have nobody else to blame but yourself. There really is no time for puppy love as it would be better to focus a lot on the task at hand and see where that lands you because it can be anywhere from greatness to lowliness. It can be the start of a whole new career that you will want to be a part of and trust me you will meet a lot of other beautiful girls along the way especially when it is time to work. All the other people there came from other cooking classes that you probably never have heard of. That is not really that important as what really matters is when you come to think of it, you know that you would be getting such a great reception when you come up with great recipes involving salami and more.

A Short Guide To Salumi Bologna

If you’re visiting Bologna, Italy soon, then you should try having some salumi Bologna. Salumi is what Italians call the cured meats that are famous in their country. In fact, everywhere you go in Bologna or in Italy, for that matter, you’ll see signs with salumi written on it. But one of the things you need to know is that there are actually many different kinds of salumi. In the states, the word Bologna itself is used to refer to a type of cured meat.

This article serves as a short guide to Italian cured meats. Read this piece so you will never feel lost in a sea of cured and preserved meats during your trip to Bologna.

So what is salumi exactly? The literal meaning of the word is “salted meat.” This is because the main method of meat preservation in Italy is with the use of a generous amount of salt. You can think of it as their version of cold cuts. Most types of salumi are made from pork. But during your trip, you may also encounter cured meats that are made from deer, wild boar, or even horse. There are probably hundreds of different types of salumi. And they vary in terms of casing used, seasoning added, and even in the methods of curing the meat.

There are three general categories of salumi. There’s salumi, salami, and salsicca. Salumi, in its strictest sense, refers to cured meats that are made from a whole cut of the animal. The shoulder or thigh of the animal is often used to make salumi. You’ve probably heard or tasted prosciutto before. Well, it’s actually a good example of salumi and probably the most popular cure meat that came from Italy. It’s easy to find prosciutto in delis and even groceries in the U.S.

The term salami – another word that many are familiar with – is actually a type of salumi that has been aired, smoked, or salted and left to age. Yes, it’s the same salami that Americans know and love. Pepperoni is another type of cured meat that can be classified as salami.

Last but not least is the salsicca. This type of salumi refers to what we know as sausages. These are made with ground meat that is encased. You can either get these sausages raw or slightly cooked. In some places, however, salsicca or sausages are considered a subgroup of salami.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll find many different shops in Bologna selling salumi Bologna. You can find them in meat shops, in supermarkets, and, of course, in cafes and restaurants. But if you really want to maximize your trip to Bologna and if you want to taste as many salumi as you want, then the best thing for you to do is to go on an Italian food tour. A company you can check out is Sapori e Saperi, they hold specialty tours in Italy that mostly revolve around food. They will give you a taste (literally) of Italy that you won’t soon forget.

Gelato Making Course

You have a holiday coming up and will be visiting Italy. Of course you want to do as many things s possible on your trip – it is not every day that you get a chance to visit this beautiful country that is so rich in tradition and culture. As you go about planning your busy itinerary you should include a gelato making course. If you are interested in cooking or run a food business of any kind a gelato making course is an excellent idea. For more than 20 years people have been travelling to Italy to take courses from the masters on how to make this special treat and you can be one among the number.
So long as you book your trip with the right tour company you will learn from the top gelato makers in the country. They are located at Gelato University – the only institution of its kind in the world. It is located in the province of Bologna and since it opened its gates more than 20 years ago it has been attracting students each and every month. In fact, due to popular demand the university has opened up branches in two other top locations.
Getting into Gelato University doesn’t require you to sit any special exams. You will only need to make sure that you do your booking early. Since these classes are quite popular and class sizes are small they fill up quickly and if you don’t book in time you may not get a position. The classes last a few hours but if you would like more detailed instruction you can book a class for a few days or even a few weeks.
Sapori-e-Sapori can help you get into Gelato University. Find out how to make your booking on http://www.sapori-e-saperi.com/.

Original Gelato Recipes

There is no doubt about the fact that gelato has been around for a long time, and that it has been a beloved part of Italian cuisine for centuries. Historians disagree about the origin of gelato somewhat, but it seems to date back to the Renaissance. Any dessert that can last for such a long period of time is clearly delicious. Gelato seems to strike the right note.

However, a lot of people will love trying different things with gelato. This is a classic dessert, but it has still changed a lot over the years. Certain types of gelato have been around for a very long time, such as chocolate, custard, vanilla, hazelnut, and pistachio gelato. However, in recent years, the artisans who have worked with gelato have added a lot of new flavors, creating more great experiences for customers.

Lots of relatively new gelato flavors involve fruit, such as peach, pineapple, raspberry, and mango gelato. It’s possible to add a lot of different flavors to gelato, however, and a lot of artisans have realized this for themselves. They’ve made gelato that tastes like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, and nearly every other type of fruit. The people who want to try new things with gelato will be able to do so when they’ve learned how to create this dessert for themselves.

Lots of chefs will want to do something truly original with gelato, since they might be able to get more customers that way. Of course, people who are just enthusiastic amateurs might be interested in the same thing. There’s something entertaining about doing something fresh and new with food, especially when it comes to something as delicious as gelato. Then again, people who want to make the classic versions of gelato again and again will still like learning how to do so.