Simple Tips on Air Conditioning Repair

A malfunctioning air conditioner (AC) will be the last thing that you may want to have during the summer months. You can easily fix issues with the unit through a reputed air conditioning repair service. However, there are certain things you

can do to avert persistent repairs. Here’s a checklist that will help out.

Change the air filters periodically

Changing your AC’s air filter regularly is one easy thing to keep the unit in good condition. You can do it easily within a matter of minutes. Air filters work to stop dirt and dust from infiltrating your rooms. However, they won’t function efficiently if they’re bogged down with excess dust and debris. In some cases, they might get damaged. So check the filters once a month, and clean dust and dirt to ensure the effective functioning of your AC unit. If the air filters get damaged, have them replaced through an experienced air conditioning repair service to avoid major problems later on.

Clean the coils

AC coils are an important component of the unit. They absorb heat to cool your place. Over time, the coils get filled with dirt and dust, and that reduces their ability to absorb heat. Consequently, your unit has to work harder, consuming more energy to cool your home. To avoid putting unnecessary strain on your unit, keep the coils clean. You can do that in various ways. However, clearing the space around the outdoor component (the condenser unit) is highly advisable for better results.

Inspect the fins periodically

Every air conditioning unit has an evaporator and a condenser. Each of them has fins. With time, these fins could bend, causing insufficient airflow. To keep the unit in an efficient condition, check the fins regularly and make certain they haven’t bent. If you find any bending or problem with the fins, call a reliable air conditioning repair service to fix the issue.

Clean the outside of the unit

Dirt, leaves, and grass clippings get accumulated on the outside of your AC unit. This, in turn, decreases the system capacity and reduces airflow. Shut off the unit first to avoid this problem. Use a garden hose to gently wash out the dirt and debris on the unit. Also, trim out shrubs and plants that can impede airflow to and from the AC.

Check the condensate drain

The condensate drain is an important component of any unit. It lets the condensation created within the AC system drain outdoors. However, this vital component can get clogged over time, impeding drainage. Check the condensate drain regularly to avoid this issue. Make sure it’s draining water as it should be. If you notice any problem, call a reliable service dedicated to AC repairs.

Bottom line

Keeping the AC unit in good condition is always a better idea. While the unit may sustain damages and need repairs, you can take certain steps to avoid constant repairs and maintenance. Just stick to the above tips to maintain your unit in optimal condition. In case of major issues, get in touch with a reputed air conditioning repair service to mend the problem.

10 qualities of an excellent air conditioning installer

Air conditioning is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any building. Whether it’s an office or a home, things would quickly start to get uncomfortable without air conditioning.

It’s not just about people getting sweaty and sticky, either; humidity can wreak havoc on everything from paper to metal. That means that if you have AC problems, you need them solved before they become expensive disasters.

So who does this? You might be tempted to hire the first technician who comes knocking at your door- but not so fast! Hiring an inexperienced contractor could cost you dearly down the line. To make sure that your AC installation goes smoothly and maintains high quality for years- even decades to come, here’s what you should look for in an aircon installer. These ten qualities can help you distinguish between those who carry a wrench and those who know how to use it.

1) Experience – Hiring someone with experience is always better than hiring the first person that comes knocking at your door.

2) Honesty – A contractor specializing in AC systems will be able to find out exactly what is wrong with your system quickly, allowing them to provide a fair price without any surprise costs down the line.

3) Familiarity With Regulations In Your Area

For installation work to meet code, contractors must stay up-to-date on all of the latest regulations and building codes in their area. This is especially important if you live in a northern area that requires specific types of insulation, for example.

4) Creativity- One size never fits all when it comes to AC systems, and this means that some installations may require an unusual solution or two to get the job done. A contractor who can think outside of the box will find these solutions quickly and easily.

5) Punctuality – Nothing ruins a plan faster than running late. No matter what type of appointment you have with your installer, punctuality is required for any contract worth their salt!

6) Upfront Pricing- Good contractors are willing to lay out their terms upfront. If your contractor waits to give you a price after they’ve started working, the chances are good that it will be more expensive than if they had given it beforehand.

7) Open To Criticism – Your AC system is an important part of your home. It needs to look attractive and fit in with any design plans or color schemes you already have in place. That means that you want a contractor who will work with you around these kinds of issues- not just ignore them!

8) Professional Demeanor- A professional aircon installer knows how to conduct themselves both on the job site as well as off the job site. Knowing this can help prevent any legal troubles down the line.

9) Friendly And Inviting Atmosphere- A contractor who can put you and your family at ease with their friendly behavior and inviting presence is a contractor who is capable of providing quality work.

10) A Strong Work Ethic- When it comes to contractors, sometimes all you need is someone who will show up on time and get the job done as quickly as possible. Other times, however, you may require something more- like someone who shows up early or stays late to ensure that every aspect of the installation meets code and has been completed correctly.

The above list should give you a pretty good idea of what exactly to look for when hiring an AC installer!