How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Door Panels: Beginners Guide‍

When it comes to buying hardware for your home, you probably don’t think much about it. But if you’re like most people, you probably haven’t bought hardware for your home in a very long time. Maybe even ever. This means that you may have some catching up to do when it comes to choosing the right hardware for your home. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to choose the right hardware for your home in no time.

Know What You Need

Before you can choose the right hardware for your home, you need to know what it is that you need. What are your needs? Are you looking for a specific size, color, or finish? Do you want to buy something specifically designed for your door panels? Know exactly what you’re looking for before going shopping.


the width of your door Before you start looking into hardware, you’ll need to first measure the width of your door. This is because you’ll want to buy a hardware item that will fit your door properly. If you don’t know what size of hardware you need, then just measure your door!

Understand the Differences Between Types of Glass

It all comes down to what you want, and the type of glass you need. There are four different types of glasses that are generally used for doors: single pane, double pane, triple pane, and laminated. First, a single pane is just a clear glass that doesn’t have any special features. If you are looking for something simple, this is probably your best bet. Double panes are two sheets of glass separated by an air gap. This type of glass is often used in areas where there is a lot of wind because it can reduce noise and heat flow. Triple panes consist of three layers of glass separated by an air gap and are usually used in areas where extreme temperatures exist like desert climates because they can better resist the effects of heat or cold. Laminated glasses use two layers with plastic between them to make them more durable than other types of glass. They offer more protection from both the elements and vandalism than other types of glasses.

Is your Door Product-specific?

There are some things to consider when choosing hardware for your door. If you have a sliding glass door, it’s important to pick a door that matches the size of the opening. However, if you’re buying a front door, you might want to choose a different type of hardware altogether. For example, if you have an older-style front door without sidelights or transom windows on either side of the front door, then you might want to buy some stationary devices like wall sconces. On the other hand, if your front door has sidelights and transom windows on both sides, then it would be best to buy stationary devices with mounts that allow them to be installed next to each other. Another thing to consider is whether or not your product-specific equipment will last through many years of use. A simple way to find out is by checking out Home Depot’s online specifications for doors and drawers. These specifications show what types of materials will last when used in certain conditions over long periods of time.

What Size is Required?

Before you buy your door panels, you first need to know what size of glass they need. If you know the size of the window or doors, it’s easy to find the right size glass for your door panels. You can even compare different sizes of glass by using an online tool or in person at a store. If you don’t know what size of glass is needed, there are some things to consider when choosing the right size. The dimensions of your door and window should be taken into account when choosing a glass. This will help make sure that your panel has enough clearance around it, so that people won’t hit their heads on it while entering or exiting the building.

If you’re looking for a few easy steps on how to choose the right type of glass for your door panels, this is the guide for you. What are you waiting for?

All you need to know about glass ensuite door

Glass is the latest design trend in the bathroom, but it’s also proving popular for bedrooms. Tim Mallet shows you how to install it with professional results.

Glass has become one of the most desirable materials to have in your home. It comes in all kinds of colors and transparencies, so there is something for every decor style. Adding Glass as a door or as dividers between rooms can make those areas seem more open and light-filled, giving those spaces a modern feel too.

To create such an effect, you will need some specialist tools and equipment and knowledge about insulation and safety rules before starting work yourself. Glass needs isolating from cold pockets and maintaining even temperatures to prevent it from breaking. The glass industry has adapted and developed new types that can do this, and there is also a selection of products that will help you achieve the same result.

With these products available most people can install glass ensuite door or partitions with professional results. Glass doesn’t have to be transparent either. You can get frosted dividers, for example, so you still maintain some degree of privacy but also see-through.

There are many ways to create different effects with your Glass too, including shading elements such as blinds and shutters, which give even more design options for this versatile material. Glass bathrooms have been popular for years now, with entire suites being made out of clear or colored panes held together by metal frames. These can be seen as both contemporary and classic, with the flexibility to fit in with most schemes.

Glass enclosures are popular for bedrooms, too, where privacy is often needed or desired. More recently, the trend has been towards sleek metal framed doors that don’t have total glass panels but somewhat shaded ones instead. This gives you all of the styles without any loss of privacy which sometimes people find off-putting about glass bathrooms etc.

Once you have decided on what type of design would look best for your house, next comes choosing a glass company that will be able to advise you on classes, styles, and prices, for example, so you don’t need to worry about getting ripped off or anything like that. Look online or even in your local Yellow Pages to find a company that has already installed Glass in homes like yours. Call them up and ask for their advice; they are usually more than happy to help with the information you need.

A good company will also be able to offer you after-sales care, including cleaning tips and any maintenance work or replacement parts that you might need at some point. Glass products come with extended guarantees, so this is not necessary right away. Still, it’s peace of mind nonetheless, knowing there is someone there who knows how things work and who would be willing (and able) to help if needed in future years.

Installing Glass can make a dramatic difference to all kinds of in both design and lifestyle. It is a versatile material that can be used in many different ways and brings all design benefits to your home. Just make sure you choose a reputable company to work with that can give you the best advice for your money, offer after-sales care should you need it, and install products to last for years without issues.

Overview of Frameless Glass Doors

GLASS DOOR FRAMELESS is lovely, particularly when utilized in pairs at the building front. Frameless doors made of glass are generally made by making a plate of thick glass which is between inch to inch thick, based on the size, that is generally hung to a glass frame which makes it frameless. This isn’t unusual to notice a huge beam over the doors assisting the top pivots.


Bifolding doors have a weather-resistant, secure, and slimline choice in the form of the frameless slide plus fold doors. The upper plus lower part of frameless slide and fold doors are made of aluminum. This system has no visible mullions and therefore is meant to be thin. Individual door panels are housed inside the external wall. These move and swing outwards on their own, folding together as a bifold.


An unframed door’s exterior frame depth spans from 61mm – 70mm. The frameless slide as well as fold door is useful as a substitute for ancient doors and windows and also new construction applications since most original doors and windows are constructed around a 70 to 75mm frame.


The upper frame of a frameless door is just 44mm deep, while the bottom track measures 40mm deep. Traditional aluminum bi-folding doors have approximately half the depth plus apparent sightline.

The door rails stand 55mm broad, which makes them even smaller than conventional aluminum doors. When every door panel joints in a locked state, the frameless doors have no evident mullion.


The locking mechanism on a frameless slide and fold door can only be accessed from the inside. A secured, key-operated handle is installed on the door which can’t be manipulated or accessible from the outside.

The master door is ready to use after a quick unlocking of the keys and a twist of the handle. To maintain the middle panels secure, unframed slide but also fold doors need not require the intermediary handles seen on aluminum bi-folds.

When the unframed doors are locked, twisting the handle brings all of the door panels together, securing the complete door set. The doors feature weatherproof sealing at the very same time.


A high-quality glass door has a lot of glass in it. Unique technology with high-quality glass modules is used in frameless slide and fold doors. Traditional glass units with warmed edge plastic spacers bar are used in other bi-folding doors. The glass spacer bar is used on the vertical borders of the glass units in unframed glass doors. All unframed glass doors with double glazed modules are insulated goods. A frameless glass door’s metal frames are also thermally insulated.


In GLASS DOOR FRAMELESS, at the upper and lower part of each door panel is an aluminum portion. A flag plus spacer profile that slides inside the frame connects the doors to the track. A specific turning mechanism is built into the bottom track of a frameless door. This indicates to the user when the doors have stopped sliding and thus are ready to fly open.

Internal glass doors.

Anyone who has glass doors in their home can say that they add an extra dimension. From large single-family homes to small town halls, any space can benefit from the vast illusion of space or the additional flow of light provided by glass doors.

In today’s economic climate, many people cannot afford to move to a larger property, and most homeowners are inclined to find easy and affordable ways to transform their own homes. The introduction of glass doors can make a big difference, from a functional point of view, and add aesthetic value to your home.

The best places in your home to introduce internal glass doors

Kitchen: Folding doors from the kitchen to the dining room always look great and allow easy movement from room to room.

Bathroom – To give you the privacy you need, while leaving enough natural light, the bathroom’s glass doors are usually textured glass with frosting.

Sunrooms – the doors offer a wide view of the garden, so time does not matter; a naturally attractive environment is always offered. A deck allows you to enjoy the view after a long day or watch the children play outdoors, without compromising their comfort.

Gardens: you can use your yard space throughout the year if you use glass to close it. The glass doors give you the opportunity to keep the area protected or to let wind in whenever you want.

Space, Light and Laughter come with internal glass door

One of the most useful features of glass doors is the illusion of space. Without compromising privacy, you can transform a small, limited room into a spacious room for guests’ entertainment and recreation. If you live in a small house, the glass doors give you the opportunity to shape your living space in a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming area; Folding doors, in particular, will allow you to manipulate your space according to your needs.

Light can be poured into rooms that were once rather dark and oppressive; This means that you will be able to use a space that you have not had the opportunity to do in the past. Natural light, compared to artificial light, introduces a healthy and happy environment, improving your home, making it more pleasant.

You can also watch the children while they play and experience their day in a country of dream adventures. Even cleaning the outside doors can be a breeze, if you are installing the glass automatically, you only need to use a hose every now and then, as the self-cleaning glass uses natural forces to keep it excellent. cleaner. and clearer.

Customize your internal glass doors to your personal style

Glass doors not only have practical uses, but can also function as a project in your home. Nowadays it is very common to see houses with glass doors with engraved decorative designs.

This recording of internal glass doors adds aesthetic value and can also help ensure privacy in a room where you don’t want people to look in or out.

Types Of Interior Design Courses

The designers have a unique way of approaching their clients with different design styles. It is normal since there are many personalities, ideas, styles, and personas due to the courses being offered. There are several courses which are offered concerning interior designs, and they include:
The Traditionalist Course
The traditionalist course designer is the course which was inspired during the earlier ages. The course does include heavier fittings and furniture by their designers. The ones taking traditionalist course do view the designs they learn to like the creation and perseverance act. It has got some elegant and complete classical style, and it functions well, and it also relates well details.
The DIY Course
The designers who take the do it yourself course are always on their hands-on-deck. The experts of doing it yourself who are found on-site are on their working bench and not on their computer. The designers of do-it-yourself are always in love with their designs, and they are also able to create unique hand-crafted pieces. They can wow their designs using the unique pieces as well as with perfect abilities for saving onto their budgets. The designers who undertake these courses can thrive off to create the designer’s pieces that are inspired by a fractional cost.
The Explorer Course
The designers who take the explorer course can transform all the interiors to space which contains individuality and authenticity. Whatever feeling and look being created is due to the concept of having yourself and the clients being taken into a particular space of the journey. Such designers can create some unique stories so that some individuality can also exist at the space.
The Philosopher Course
The philosopher courses focusing on the interior designs do focus onto subtle aspects and details which will make you be in awe. The designers under this course have their minimalist attitudes being crossed with their added intelligence, which creates spaces that can make the clients ponder and pause onto the meaning and the inspiration behind the scenes.
The Modern and Sleek Designer Course
The designers who take modern and sleek design do love clean lines, simple palettes, angles, and mid-century designs. The clutter does send the modern and sleek designer to the frenzy, extraneous, and current eliminating objects, which are the things they love doing. The designers can create some modern interiors which are fresh and clean, that can embrace the simplicity into adornment. Their design elements include the materials which can provide the texture and warmth to the interior with no detracting against the overall feel.
The Illusionist Course
The illusion designers are those designers that can perform the tricks which can only deceive the eye. They do exactly this way by using their interior jaw-dropping decoration styles, with some bold statements pieces which can create some mood or the atmospheres at their interior. When you use the statement pieces, it will trick the eye so it can focus on certain elements of the interior, which then creates vert defined trends.
The designers always have different habits and hats, which are due to different interior design courses which are offered. So you can get the right designer for your interior designing, ensure that you know the courses they take and relate with whatever you want.

Everything You Need To Know About Katie Malik Interiors

Katie Malik Interiors is a multi-award winning interior design studio that offers bespoke and professional interior design services in the United Kingdom and abroad. It is based in Cambridge and Essex, Cambridgeshire. The practice was founded by Katie Malik back in 2014.
It has since realized incredible growth over the years specializing in residential and commercial interior design. Katie Malik Interiors undertakes a variety of large and small-scale projects, which include designing hospitality and commercial spaces. Below is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about this interior design studio.
About Katie Malik
Katie Malik is an interior designer based in Cambridge. She developed a love for interior design while she was in secondary school but went on to complete a degree in Linguistics. This seems to have worked out well for the interior designer, as she is known to be a great communicator.
Katie Malik later underwent interior design training at Chelsea College of Art (London) and turned her passion into her full-time job. She founded Katie Malik Interiors in 2014, which she currently designs for and on behalf of.
About Katie Malik Interiors and Their Philosophy
Katie Malik Interiors takes a holistic approach to interior design. The studio’s main focus is on the people living in the home and the manner in which they interact with and enjoy their living spaces. It seeks to provide bespoke, efficient, yet elegant interior design solutions to developers and homeowners in the UK and internationally.
The practice is inspired by colors, attention to detail, the interaction between symmetry and asymmetry as well as wellbeing and affords authenticity to every project they take on. Katie Malik leads a small team of dedicated and talented individuals who make up the interior design studio. They are Peter Packanik, (Head of CGI), Aneta Kepka (Interior Designer), and Jo Jeffries (Junior Interior Designer).
The studio regularly serves areas including Cambridge, Essex, Saffron Walden, Central London, East London, and Braintree but also takes on international projects. Katie Malik Interiors has received acclaims and several notable awards for their work. They include the Lux 2018 Leading Designers Award, 2018 UK Property Award Residential Apartment (5-star winner), 2018 Finalist Grand Designs Birmingham, and D-list feature on designers to watch in 2019.
The Services They Offer
Katie Malik Interiors tailor the services they offer to meet the needs and requirement of each client. The main services they offer include:
• Full Interior Design and Project Management
• Interior Design and Decoration
• Interior Styling
• Home Staging
• Bespoke Furniture Design
• Architectural Joinery Design
• On-site Interior Design Consultation
• Exclusive Custom Furniture Procurement
• Workshops
It is worth noting that the practice also offers many other customized services within the aforementioned packages. They may include 3D rendering, bespoke bookcases, bespoke cabinets, floor plans, home office design, kitchen renovation, interior photography, and nursery design.
The Interior Design Process
Each interior design project starts with an in-depth brief where the studio gathers information about the customer, including their needs and preferences. During this stage, the studio learns the nuances of the project, such as scale, budget, and timelines.
Katie Malik Interiors will then come up with a design concept based on the information collected during the brief. The design concept is supported by revised lighting layouts, proposed fabrics, furniture, sketches, and materials. The studio provides the client with a booklet that has been carefully collated, which they can refer to during the course of the project.
The next step is the Developed Design stage. It involves a more detailed design with revised layouts, furniture, and joinery plans as well as the final finishes. The studio avails photorealistic imagery and 3D models to help the client visualize the end result. They help the clients see what their spaces are going to look and feel.
The final step is the installation. This follows the final sign-off, and Katie Malik Interiors prepares a schedule of works to install the design in the home. The studio project coordinates the entire design. They produce the drawings for tender and construction.
If a client wishes, they can delegate sourcing of fittings, furniture, and finishes to Katie Malik Interiors. The studio will coordinate deliveries to the project site and manage the installations to ensure the integrity of the interior design is maintained throughout.
Katie Malik Interior’s trademark is efficient, sophisticated, and timeless interior design demonstrated across an impressive range of small and large scale projects. The studio is largely client-led but also specializes in transitional and contemporary styles. Overall, the practice provides impressive design solutions and ensures that every project is a unique journey.

How to Choose glass door design

A good door on the house is of great importance because it reflects the taste and preference of those who live inside the house. During the construction of your house, it is better to pay attention to the appearance of the front door and the gravitational factor. These days, you can choose from a wide range of door designs for your home. Here are some tips on how to choose the designs of the front doors.
While looking for the glass door design, the main thing is that your door should be consistent with the style and overall size of your entire home. If the mix is ​​not fair, regardless of its appeal and leaves your door, it will remain inadequate for the rest of your house. Let’s take a simple example. If your whole house has a classic look and designs a door that looks more modern, then any door can be in itself, it will look strange in your home. Similar cases of not mixing the door with the normal home can be used in the form of odd colors or materials. Therefore, your goal should be to make sure that your door is complementary to the general beauty of your home and improve it in a positive way.
There are other factors to consider when selecting the door design. These are the opinions of climate, security, and privacy. The glass doors are very attractive, but for thieves, it is easy to break. Then, if you are concerned about safety, choose doors made of solid wood or fiberglass. The choice of materials must also be subject to the area in which they live and their air conditions. In general, the design of the front door you choose should be resistant to scratches, scratches, intense sunlight or cold weather and requires less maintenance.
Now that you are going to buy designs, you will feel that there is a great variety available in the market according to the different flavors and needs. You will find beautiful statues and patterns of traditional wooden doors with different designs. Many manufacturers sell entrance door designs that reflect antiques such as Victoria, Georgia, Theodor, French Country, Tuscany and Colonial. These are more suitable for luxury or rural homes. You can also choose a rustic look and finish it or design the front door.
If you want to feel more modern, choose simple scenes with clear lines, front door designs and a large handle. If you want to insert glass, try to get a transparent, colorful or closed glass. It is gaining popularity as it gives a lot of light in the home, provides privacy and is basically mixed with the general appearance of the house.

Internal Glass Double Doors

If you are reading this it is probably because you are thinking about installing internal glass double doors in your home. As you research you will find that there are a lot of articles written about the benefits of these doors but there isn’t much online about what some of their cons are. Glass double doors are definitely a good idea for any home – they add a sense of style, they allow more light and they create the illusion of space. However, before you go ahead with your installation there are some important cons that you should keep in mind:
The first is that these doors are not very good in extreme weather. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather installing sliding glass doors is a risk as they don’t do very well in very cold or very hot weather – they can shatter in either case. Talk to a contractor who has experience in building for extreme weather. However, because you are interested in internal glass double doors you do not have anything to worry about. Your Ac controls the temperature inside your home which means that your doors are never exposed to extreme temperatures.
One problem with internal glass double doors is that they get stuck in their tracks over time. This will only happen if you don’t do proper maintenance which includes making sure that that tracks are clean at all times. You should use a soft brush to brush the tracks clean and then oil them to ensure that the doors can slide open and shut with ease. You should also keep the glass clean – if it is full of stains and smudges the aesthetic appeal of your doors will be lost. Make sure to clean the frame and the handle as well to keep everything looking good.
Are there any other cons of internal glass double doors? Not quite; so long as you have your door installed by a professional you can expect them to last for years without giving you any problems. There are many different and designs of doors that you can choose from and if you choose overwhelmed an experienced glass vendor can walk you through the different options and tell you the pros and cons of each. Remember, because you are looking for internal doors the design matters a great deal so give it some thought. You can choose plain, etched, frosted and even coloured glass – it all depends on individual taste.
One of the best places to shop for glass sliding doors in Cambridge is Go Glass – they have a wide variety that you can choose from and they offer affordable prices. You can find out more on

Shower Glass Panel

Your neighbour is installing shower glass panels in her home and she has been trying to convince you to do the same. However, before you remodel your bathrooms on her word you would like to know what the benefits of shower glass panels are. Shower glass panels are a good way for you to go because you will enjoy several benefits:
•    They are a great way to spruce up the decor in your bathrooms. If you have been thinking of a bathroom remodel but cannot think of what your new spaces should look like shower glass panels are the best way to go.
•    One of the reasons why so many people choose shower glass panels is because they are customizable. You can choose different types of glass and you can have them done any way you like to give your bathrooms a really unique look.
•    If you plan to sell your home at any point in the future you will get more for it if you install shower glass panels. Buyers are willing to pay more s you will be able to recoup your expenses.
•    Contrary to what many believe, shower glass panels are durable. They are made out of tempered glass so will not break easily. When properly installed these systems can last for 10 years or more.
•    Shower glass panels are low maintenance – all you need to do is give them a quick wipe every time they get streaks. Better yet, they keep your bathrooms cleaner than shower curtains which tend to get really mucky over time.
•    Glass shower panels will help make your bathrooms bigger because they create the illusion of space.
Talk to Go Glass – they have a wide variety of shower glass panels and they are expert installers. Find out more on

Glass Banister

Are glass banisters really as beneficial as some people claim they are? Banisters were traditionally made of wood, and although it is a long lasting and attractive material many homeowners are now choosing to replace it with glass. So what is it about glass banisters that makes them such an attractive choice? If you choose to install them will you be making a valuable addition to your home or will you be throwing away your money?
The fact is, many people are reluctant to even consider glass banisters because they worry about the risks that such an installation poses in the home. How long before the banister comes shattering down potentially causing harm to anyone who is standing nearby? You should not worry about the safety of glass banisters – they are made of tempered glass which is resistant to breakage. It is much safer than ordinary glass and can resist all sorts of impact. When it does break – and that is very rare – it doesn’t shatter into shards but rather into pebbles which do not cause any harm.
A glass banister is a brilliant addition to any home. It is crystal clear which means that it acts as a central feature, and because it is frameless it allows the rest of the decor to really stand out. Because of the elegant effect that is created by this kind of installation homeowners often find that their properties are valued for higher than if they had an ordinary banister.
How can you choose the best installer for your glass banister? You should look for a company that has plenty of experience with such installations. They should be able to show you previous installations that they have done as well as references that you can talk to for proof of service. Try Go Glass – they are the best in Cambridge and you can find out more on