Traditional Sash Windows

You are wondering whether it is time to ditch your Victorian sash windows for something more modern – with so many new options in the market maybe it is time to update your property’s look. The fact is traditional sash windows will never go out of fashion – in that sense they are like the little black dress. You can make your traditional sash windows work if you take proper care of them; if you are looking for a different look you can have them modified with a few simple steps. The secret is to find a sash window expert who does this kind of work.
Traditional sash window care isn’t very hard – it is partly why these windows have been around for hundreds of years. The most important thing is to make sure that they don’t develop rot. At least once a year, especially after winter you should check each frame to make sure that it is solid. If rot sets in even in a small spot it will spread and before long your sash window will have to come down. To find out if there is any rot in your windows all you need to do is press your fingers against the frames – if you find any soft spots they need to be got rid of and the space replaced with epoxy and painted over. Make sure that your windows have a sufficient coat of paint at all times as it keeps out moisture and keeps them from rotting.
As for giving your home a new look there is plenty that you can do with traditional sash windows to give your home a facelift. Websites like Instagram and others have plenty of ideas that you can implement. There are also home improvement magazines available online that you can borrow from.
Alternatively, call Salmons Bros. Limited – they are experts at updating traditional sash windows.

Medical Marketing Services

You have decided that the best way to market your medical company is to hire a marketing agency. These agencies are a dime a dozen and it can be quite hard to know which one you can trust with your brand. For best results you need to do some research into the kind of work that these agencies do and make sure that you choose one whose goals are aligned with yours. Before you hire make sure to ask the following important questions:
•    What can I expect in terms of an online presence?
It is impossible to do business without an online presence, so this should be one of the points that you are very keen about. Find out exactly what the company is able to develop for you. A website is a given, but you need more – you need to have a social media presence and the company needs to actively do reputation management. They should also be able to put out interesting and relevant articles on your behalf.
•    Can you get us the right partners?
Marketing is all about forming the right business-to-business relationships. A good medical marketing company is able to come up with a list of businesses that you can partner with and then find ways to make sure that     you meet them and strike productive deals. Where necessary they will attend introductory meetings to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
•    Can you get us in the right forums?
Meeting new partners is not enough; in order to become a name to reckon with in your industry you need to appear in the right places, such as exhibitions and tradeshows. The right medical marketing company will ensure that they have a timetable of these events every year and help you prepare for them.
KDM     Communications can help you do all these things – they have an impressive roster of clients.

Medical Marketing

Medical marketing is just as important as marketing for any other business. As the owner of a company that develops medical solutions, if you don’t put marketing at the core of your strategy you will be developing solutions that gather dust on the shelves. In order for you to do effective business-to-business marketing it is important to come up with a good marketing strategy. Unfortunately, since marketing is not usually one of the subjects that scientists and medical professionals specialize in, you have to hire a medical marketing company to do it for you.
A medial marketing company does more or less the same work that a PR company does. Their primary responsibility is to make sure that your developments are well received in the market and that over time you gain a market share that helps you remain profitable. You cannot afford to assume that just any PR company can get this done. If you want to be assured of success you should be looking to hire a marketing company that has experience with medical and scientific products, and also a track record for success. Before you hire, ask:
Can they get you to the right businesses?
The best way to promote your products is with businesses that deal with new medical inventions – in other words, you are looking for a company that can do business to business marketing. Ask their company to explain their strategy to you.
Can they explain your products in the right way?
One of the biggest problems when it comes to medical marketing is using language that others can understand. Hire a medical marketing company that knows how to boil down business language into communication that can be understand by the public at large.
We recommend that you try KDM Communications – they have been very successful with some of the best medical companies in Europe, a can be seen on their website,