All you need to know about glass ensuite door

Glass is the latest design trend in the bathroom, but it’s also proving popular for bedrooms. Tim Mallet shows you how to install it with professional results.

Glass has become one of the most desirable materials to have in your home. It comes in all kinds of colors and transparencies, so there is something for every decor style. Adding Glass as a door or as dividers between rooms can make those areas seem more open and light-filled, giving those spaces a modern feel too.

To create such an effect, you will need some specialist tools and equipment and knowledge about insulation and safety rules before starting work yourself. Glass needs isolating from cold pockets and maintaining even temperatures to prevent it from breaking. The glass industry has adapted and developed new types that can do this, and there is also a selection of products that will help you achieve the same result.

With these products available most people can install glass ensuite door or partitions with professional results. Glass doesn’t have to be transparent either. You can get frosted dividers, for example, so you still maintain some degree of privacy but also see-through.

There are many ways to create different effects with your Glass too, including shading elements such as blinds and shutters, which give even more design options for this versatile material. Glass bathrooms have been popular for years now, with entire suites being made out of clear or colored panes held together by metal frames. These can be seen as both contemporary and classic, with the flexibility to fit in with most schemes.

Glass enclosures are popular for bedrooms, too, where privacy is often needed or desired. More recently, the trend has been towards sleek metal framed doors that don’t have total glass panels but somewhat shaded ones instead. This gives you all of the styles without any loss of privacy which sometimes people find off-putting about glass bathrooms etc.

Once you have decided on what type of design would look best for your house, next comes choosing a glass company that will be able to advise you on classes, styles, and prices, for example, so you don’t need to worry about getting ripped off or anything like that. Look online or even in your local Yellow Pages to find a company that has already installed Glass in homes like yours. Call them up and ask for their advice; they are usually more than happy to help with the information you need.

A good company will also be able to offer you after-sales care, including cleaning tips and any maintenance work or replacement parts that you might need at some point. Glass products come with extended guarantees, so this is not necessary right away. Still, it’s peace of mind nonetheless, knowing there is someone there who knows how things work and who would be willing (and able) to help if needed in future years.

Installing Glass can make a dramatic difference to all kinds of in both design and lifestyle. It is a versatile material that can be used in many different ways and brings all design benefits to your home. Just make sure you choose a reputable company to work with that can give you the best advice for your money, offer after-sales care should you need it, and install products to last for years without issues.