Shropshire Paddock Care

You have become the owner of a paddock in Shropshire and you don’t have a clue about what goes into paddock care. Paddock care is important – think of your horses as people, and the paddocks as their home. If they become dirty and unkempt you can expect your horses to be unhealthy and this will drive up your vet bills. Worse yet, your horses may start dying. Paddock care involves collecting horse droppings from the ground as well as other debris and making sure that they grass is growing evenly and is healthy.
In the past, people would walk around their paddocks with a wheelbarrow and a spade collecting all manure from the ground. Considering that one horse can be responsible for between 8 and 15 pats a day this meant that one could easily spend several hours just tending to the paddock – add that to the time it takes to tend to the horses and it becomes a full time job. Today, however, you can buy a paddock cleaner. This is a machine that has arms attached that collect horse pats. It is attached to a quad bike and driven all over the paddock. It clears not only pats but all other debris that is on the ground.
If you are not interested in owning a paddock cleaner you can rent one. Some Shropshire ground work companies have them and can bring them out to your paddock any time you need them. You can hire a paddock cleaner and a drive – they will bring their own quad bike and go over very inch of your paddocks. If you already have a vehicle that you can attach the cleaner to you can rent the cleaner alone.
One such company is ProGroundcare. They are experts in paddock maintenance and you can contact them through their website,